(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

When old Jonathan Oldbuck of Monkbarns first meets young Lovel, he is impressed by the young man’s good manners and conduct, but he is mystified by the little he can learn of Lovel’s past. It is obvious that Lovel is not the boy’s real name and that there is something in his history of which he is ashamed.

From his good friend Sir Arthur Wardour, Oldbuck at last learns that the young man is the illegitimate son of unknown parents. Although a benefactor has settled a large estate on him, he lives in solitude and disgrace because of his questionable ancestry. To make matters worse, he is in love with Sir Arthur’s daughter, Isabella. Although the girl loves him, she will not accept him because she knows her father will not permit an alliance with a man of unknown and illegitimate origins. Even after Lovel saves her life and that of her father when they are trapped by the tides, she gives him no more than the thanks due him for his bravery.

Sir Arthur is in serious financial straits, in debt to dozens of tradesmen and friends, among them Oldbuck. To restore his fortune, he has fallen into a plot prepared by Dousterswivel, an evil magician who has promised his aid in finding valuable minerals on Sir Arthur’s property. Sir Arthur, forced to put up money before Dousterswivel will work his magic, has already borrowed one hundred pounds from Oldbuck, who accurately suspects that Dousterswivel is a crook.

Before the magician can attempt to work his magic, Oldbuck’s nephew, Captain Hector M’Intyre, comes home for a visit. A hotheaded young man, he accuses Lovel of lying about the little he has told of his past. Hector challenges Lovel to a duel, and although Lovel does everything he can to prevent it, the duel is fought. Having apparently wounded Hector fatally, Lovel is forced to flee the country on a boat provided by a friend. Hector recovers, but Lovel does not hear the news until much later. He has been aided in his flight by Edie Ochiltree, a beggar who knows all the secrets of the countryside. While Edie is hiding Lovel in a cave, they overhear Dousterswivel trying to convince Sir Arthur to put up more money to find buried treasure in the cave.

When Sir Arthur asks Oldbuck for another hundred pounds to give to Dousterswivel so that he can get the treasure from the cave, Oldbuck insists that they themselves go to the cave and dig for the treasure. Although the magician tries to prevent the excursion, Oldbuck will not be denied. Everyone present...

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