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What would be suitable horoscopes for Antigone, Ismene, and Creon in Sophocles' Antigone?

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Antigone is best described by the horoscope sign Cancer. Cancerians are described as very strong-willed individuals and can commonly take aggressive stances on issues to protect themselves and the ones they love. They are especially known for being defensive and are known to strongly defend themselves, family, and friends. Antigone is best described as a Cancerian due to her passionate drive to defend her family members. She rightly felt, in accordance with Ancient Greek ideas, that forbidding Polynice's burial was not only disrespectful to him, but also a severe act of familial disloyalty, as we see in her line addressed to Ismene, "I'll bury my brother--your brother, too, though you refuse! I'll not be found a traitor" (46-47).

Ismene can best be described by the horoscope sign Taurus. Those with the astrology sign Taurus crave the feeling of security and self-assurance. In order to maintain both emotional and financial security, they will absolutely refuse to take any risks. We see in the play that all Ismene really wants is some emotional stability in her life. She has been devastated, first by the suicide of her mother, the death of her father, and now the deaths of her brothers. Therefore, when Antigone proposes that they endanger their own lives by going against the state to bury Polynices, Ismene replies that simply does not "have the strength for it" (79).

Creon is best characterized by the horoscope sign Aries. Those with the sign Aries are known for their competitiveness and wanting to be top dog. They can even be known to be selfish and for putting themselves first. We especially see Creon act like an Aries when he acts like a tyrant. He refuses to listen to anyone's views but his own and even blatantly says that the ruler should rule its citizens, not the citizens rule its ruler, as we see in his line, "The city will tell me how I ought to rule it?," followed by, "Should I rule this land for myself or for other?" (745, 747). Both of these lines characterize Creon as a selfish tyrant who wants power, just like an Aries.

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