What crime could Creon be charged with in Antigone?

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Perhaps, Creon could be charged with a count of depraved indifference.  In this crime, the accused's activity has to possess a level of moral deficiency that is so apparent that the law has to speak for such silence.  Creon could be charged with a depraved indifference count in so far as he could have sensed that his actions could have been foreseen to have such a calamitous impact.  He knew that his son, Haemon, was in love with Antigone.  Creon understood that his son was loyal to Antigone.  It is perfectly reasonable to have asked that Creon could have anticipated that his son would kill himself rather than live with the shame that his beloved be imprisoned and killed by his father.  At the same time, Creon could have grasped that the suffering of his son would have also been visited on the son's mother, Creon's wife.  These actions could have been foreseen on Creon's part.  The idea that he would regret his actions and see them as stubbornness indicates a state of mind where he could be found guilty of some degree of depraved indifference.

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