Anti-Americanism Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Margaret Atwood
The Handmaid's Tale (novel) 1985

Daniel Berrigan
Night Flight to Hanoi (nonfiction) 1968

Noam Chomsky
American Power and the New Mandarins (nonfiction) 1969
Sphere's of Influence in the Age of Imperialism (nonfiction) 1972

Henry Fairlie
“Anti-Americanism at Home and Abroad” (essay) 1975; published in Commentary

Maxim Gorky
“The City of Mammon” (essay) 1906; published in Appleton's Magazine

J. L. Granatstein
Yankee Go Home? Canadians and Anti-Americanism (nonfiction) 1996

Gunter Grass
Our Backyard (nonfiction) 1983

Graham Greene
The Quiet American (novel) 1955
Getting to Know the General: The Story of an Involvement (biography) 1984

Knut Hamsun
The Cultural Life of America (nonfiction) 1889

Lillian Hellman
Unfinished Woman (memoir) 1969
Scoundrel Time (autobiography) 1976

George F. Kennan
Sketches from a Life (nonfiction) 1985

William Kunstler
Our Pleasant Vices (nonfiction) 1941
… and justice for all (nonfiction) 1963
Deep in My Heart (nonfiction) 1966

Dwight MacDonald
Discriminations (nonfiction) 1974

Norman Mailer
The White Negro (fiction) 1957
An American Dream (fiction) 1965

Herbert Marcuse
One Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society (nonfiction) 1964

Kenneth Minogue
“Anti-Americanism: A View from London” (essay) 1986; published in National Interest

Jan Morris
“Land of Paradoxes” (essay) 1975; published in Encounter
“Down, Down on America” (essay) 1983; published in The New York Times

Andreas Papandreou
“If Capitalism Can't, Can Socialism?” (essay) 1987; published in New Perspectives Quarterly

Bertrand Russell
Principles of Social Reconstruction (nonfiction) 1916
Why Men Fight (letters) 1917
Authority and the Individual (lectures) 1949
War Crimes in Vietnam (nonfiction) 1967

Philip Slater
The Temporary Society [with Warren G. Bennis] (nonfiction) 1968
The Pursuit of Loneliness: American Culture at the Breaking Point (nonfiction) 1970

Susan Sontag
Trip to Hanoi (nonfiction) 1968
I, etcetera (memoir) 1978

Peter Weiss
Vietnam (nonfiction) 1967

H. G. Wells
The Future of America: A Search After Realities (nonfiction) 1906

Edith Wharton
The Custom of the Country (nonfiction) 1913

Tom Wolfe
Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Wine (nonfiction) 1976