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(Survey of Novels and Novellas)
ph_0111201596-Trollope.jpg Anthony Trollope Published by Salem Press, Inc.

The novels of Anthony Trollope (TRAHL-uhp) were frequently first published in serialized form in various periodicals such as the Cornhill Magazine and The Fortnightly Review. They appeared subsequently in a two- or three-volume format. Trollope wrote several books of cultural reportage that were more than mere travelogues: The West Indies (1859), North America (1862), Australia and New Zealand (1873), and South Africa (1878), along with the more impressionistic Travelling Sketches (1865-1866). Three volumes of short stories appeared: Lotta Schmidt, and Other Stories (1867), An Editor’s Tales (1870), and Why Frau Frohmann Raised Her Prices, and Other Stories (1882). He wrote sketches of clerical men in Clergymen of the Church of England (1865-1866) and detailed biographies of William Makepeace Thackeray, a longtime friend (Thackeray, 1879), and Lord Palmerston, the prominent politician (Lord Palmerston, 1882). His Autobiography appeared posthumously in 1883. He tried his hand at classical translation in an edition of The Commentaries of Caesar (1870). Many of Trollope’s letters were collected in a 1951 volume edited by Bradford A. Booth, but a number of complete and fragmentary letters remain unpublished at Princeton University.