Anthony Munday Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

The Mirrour of Mutabilitie, or Principall Part of the Mirrour for Magistrates (poetry) 1579

The Paine of Pleasure (poetry) 1580

A View of Sundry Examples. Reporting Many Straunge Murthers (nonfiction) 1580

Zelauto: The Fountaine of Fame (fiction) 1580

The Araignement and Execution of a Wilfull and Obstinate Traitor, named E. Ducket, alias Hauns (nonfiction) 1581

A Breefe Discourse of the Taking of Edmund Campion (nonfiction) 1581

A Breefe Aunswer Made vnto Two Seditious Pamphlets (nonfiction) 1582

A Breefe and True Reporte, of the Execution of Certaine Traytours at Tiborne (nonfiction) 1582

A Discouerie of Edmund Campion and His Confederates (nonfiction) 1582

The English Romayne Lyfe (nonfiction) 1582

A Watch-Woord to Englande to Beware of Traytours (nonfiction) 1584

A Banquet of Daintie Conceits (poetry) 1588

Palmerin D'Oliua. The Mirrour of nobilitie, Mappe of honor, Anotamie of rare fortunes, Heroycall president of Loue: Wonder for Chiualrie, and most accomplished knight in all perfections [translator; from a work by Palmerin de Oliva] (nonfiction) 1588

The Declaration of Lord de la Noue, upon His Taking Armes [translator; from a work by François de la Noue] (nonfiction) 1589

*The First Book of Amadis of Gaule. Discoursing the Aduentures and Loue of many Knightes and Ladies, as well of the Realme of great Brittayne, as sundry other Countries [translator; from Nicholas de Herberay's French translation of an anonymous Spanish work] (romance) c. 1590; books three and four, 1618

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