Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Anthony Adverse

Anthony Adverse, the illegitimate son of Denis Moore and Maria; grandson and heir of John Bonnyfeather, under whom he serves as an apprentice. Anthony becomes a slave trader in Africa and a banker, businessman, and plantation owner in New Orleans. Successively captured by Indians and by soldiers, he is imprisoned in Mexico and later bleeds to death after an accident there. Anthony is more a romantic, daring man of action than an intellectual. In the variety of his adventures, he resembles the heroes of picaresque fiction, but he has neither their low-caste background nor their roguish character.

Don Luis

Don Luis (lew-EES), the Marquis da Vincitata (veen-see-TAH-tah), the arrogant husband of Anthony’s mother and landlord of Casa Bonnyfeather. He fails in an attempt to murder Anthony and Vincent Nolte. Later governor at Santa Fe, Don Luis dies of a stroke after sentencing Anthony to prison.

Maria Bonnyfeather

Maria Bonnyfeather, daughter of John Bonnyfeather, mother of Anthony, and wife of Don Luis. She dies in childbirth.

John Bonnyfeather

John Bonnyfeather (secretly the Jacobite Marquis of Aberfoyle), Anthony’s grandfather, a prominent merchant of Leghorn.

Faith Paleologus

Faith Paleologus (pah-leh-oh-LOH-gews), Mr....

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