Anthem Overview Quiz

Having trouble understanding Ayn Rand's controversial dystopian epic? Take the Anthem Quiz from eNotes to find out everything you need to know! Contains ten questions about this classic novel, including details about Equality 7-2521 and the Golden One.

  1. Why problem does the World Council of Scholars have with the light bulb?

  2. What has happened to people in the future?

  3. What does Solidarity 9-6347 scream out loud when he is asleep?

  4. To where does Equality 7-2521 flee?

  5. What is Equality 7-2521's official job?

  6. Where do Equality 7-2521 and Golden One meet?

  7. What are the previous eras prior to collectivism called?

  8. Who follows Equality 7-2521 when he flees?

  9. What is Golden One's socio-economic class?

  10. What pronoun does the Golden One learn towards the end of the novel?