Describe a typical day in the life of Equality 7-2521.

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For four years, Equality 7-2521 works as a street sweeper.

His day begins when the bell rings at the Home of the Street Sweepers. He has half an hour to dress and then to eat breakfast at one of the five long tables in the dining hall.

After breakfast, Equality 7-2521 takes his broom and rake to work on the streets of the city. He has to work for five hours before he is allowed to walk back to the Home of the Street Sweepers to eat lunch. A half hour is accorded for the noon meal, and when he is done, Equality 7-2521 has to return to his work on the streets. He works for another five hours before he is again allowed to march back to the Home of the Street Sweepers for his evening meal. This time, he is given an hour to eat his dinner.

After dinner, the bell rings to signal that it is time to attend the Social Meeting at one of the City Halls. A Social Meeting is a gathering of tradespeople and the leaders or Councils of the different homes. Usually speeches are given by the leaders, which the tradespeople are required to listen to. After the speeches, everyone sings the Hymn of Brotherhood, the Hymn of Equality, and the Hymn of the Collective Spirit.

Upon returning to the Home of the Street Sweepers, Equality 7-2521 has to attend three hours of Social Recreation at the City Theater. During this time, he typically watches plays that expound the benefits of hard work. After the play, Equality 7-2521 marches with his peers back to the Home of the Street Sweepers in a straight column. He then goes to bed, and the cycle repeats itself the next day.


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