Topics for Further Study

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Working from the example of Annie and her mother, what is the psychological make up of the family? Is there one working model or do we all have individual relationships?

Compare how families—especially mothers— are portrayed in today's media with the novel's portrayal. Use examples of television sitcoms, cartoons, and movies for your findings.

Think about Annie's illness and the help she received from the obeah woman; does your family use any home remedies? Ask your parents what their parents did for them when they were not feeling well and compare that with how your family currently treats illness.

Research the politics of travel or photographic hunting. What, if any ethics are involved with the pursuit of recreation or game? What impact does the multi-billion-dollar tourism industry have on native peoples and the environment?

Respond to the following excerpt from Kincaid's essay, A Small Place: "Have you ever wondered why it is that all we seemed to have learned from you is how to corrupt our society and how to be tyrants...? You came."

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