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Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn, the mistress and, later, wife of King Henry VIII. She was executed in 1536. Anne is first seen in the Tower of London, awaiting death. Her life with Henry is then told in flashbacks. Anne, in 1526 a not altogether innocent girl, is passionately in love with Lord Percy, Duke of Northumberland, to whom she is engaged, but she has attracted the attention of Henry, who separates the lovers. Embittered by his actions, she denounces the king’s person and talents. With her world empty following the loss of her lover and with her parents applying pressure, Anne allows herself to be drawn to Henry, although she arrogantly refuses to go the way of her sister, whose reputation was stained and whose children were illegitimate. Anne demands marriage, believing that Henry cannot meet this demand because he already is married to Katharine of Aragon. When Henry seeks an annulment for that marriage, Anne is flattered by the length to which Henry will go to win her. When Henry makes her his queen, she surrenders completely, denouncing her new power and status and pleading only for Henry’s love. This causes Henry’s love for her to wane; he increasingly turns his attention to Jane Seymour, who, like Anne earlier, is not easily won. Threatened and insecure, Anne grows more strident in her demands. Before she will try to have another child with Henry, she insists on the death of Sir Thomas More and those others who will not accept Henry as the supreme religious authority in England and who deny the legitimacy of their marriage. Henry meets this final demand, but their son is born dead, and Anne thus loses her hold over Henry. He allows false charges of adultery to be brought against her, and Anne falls victim to the...

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