Anne Sexton Quiz

Anne Sexton was known for her highly personal verse. Her poetry reveals a lot about herself, but how much of it do you know? Take the Anne Sexton quiz from eNotes to find out! Contains ten questions on the life and death of this great, tragic poet.

  1. Anne Sexton and ___________ often critiqued one another's poems.

  2. In what genre of poetry is Sexton typically classified?

  3. True or False: Sexton was an unknown housewife before being published in The New Yorker

  4. True or False: Sexton was nominated, but did not win, a Pulitzer prize

  5. Sexton once claimed, "Poetry led me by the hand out of ___________."

  6. Which of the following was not a motif in Sexton's works?

  7. When Sexton's first therapist asked her what she was good at, what did she say?

  8. A priest once told Sexton, "God is in your _____________."

  9. How did Sexton take her own life?

  10. Who did Sexton consider her mentor?