Anne Perry Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Batliner, Doris J. Review of Pentecost Alley, by Anne Perry. Courier-Journal (10 August 1996): p. A9.

Asserts that "The plot of [Pentecost Alley] is convoluted and surprising, and the solution absolutely satisfying."

Coughlin, Ruth. Review of Cain His Brother, by Anne Perry. People (13 November 1995): 3.

Complains of Perry's use of Cockney speech in Cain His Brother.

Dickinson, Jane. Review of A Breach of Promise, by Anne Perry. Rocky Mountain News (20 September 1998): 4E.

Calls A Breach of Promise "satisfyingly complex."

Foyt, Michelle. Review of Brunswick Gardens, by Anne Perry. Library Journal 123, No. 2 (1 February 1998): 116.

States that Perry examines modern themes within a Victorian context in Brunswick Gardens.

Review of Ashworth Hall, by Anne Perry. Maclean's (23 June 1997): 54.

Praises Ashworth Hall for its juxtaposition of Victorian society with the "Irish Problem."

Pate, Nancy. Review of Ashworth Hall, by Anne Perry. Orlando Sentinel (16 March 1997): F7.

Praises Perry's mastery of the Victorian setting in Ashworth Hall.

Review of Farrier's Lane, by Anne Perry. Publishers Weekly 240, No. 6 (8 February 1993): 79.

Calls Farrier's Lane "a convincing look at the seamy side of Victorian life."

Review of The Silent Cry, by Anne Perry, Publishers Weekly 244, No. 28 (14 July 1997): 67.

Complains that "readers may feel they are bearing the weight of [the plot's] contrivance like so much over-packed luggage."