(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

As Anne of the Island begins, Anne half-reluctantly leaves Avonlea. Fortunately, Priscilla Grant and Gilbert Blythe are also traveling to Redmond. Anne and Priscilla soon meet Philippa Gordon, whose major personality trait is inability to decide anything. These three and Stella, a friend from Queen’s College, decide the next year they will rent a house with Stella’s Aunt Jamesina as their housekeeper and chaperone. Anne notices a “To Let” sign on Patty’s Place, a quaint cottage in an exclusive neighborhood. When the girls inquire, Anne’s impetuous declaration that she “loves” the house causes Miss Patty to rent it to them at a reduced price, and Anne happily heads for Avonlea.

In Avonlea, though, Anne no longer feels completely at home. After all her romantic dreams about her first marriage proposal, she is astounded when a childhood friend proposes for her brother. Courtship and marriage are a key theme in this novel. Over the next three years, several other proposals follow, including one from Gilbert, but Anne rejects them all. When she meets Roy Gardner, she thinks he is her romantic ideal, and she anticipates accepting his proposal. At that moment, however, she suddenly realizes the superficiality of her girlhood fantasies, so she rejects Roy also.

Meanwhile, Anne succeeds academically, winning a scholarship that funds a year of college. An inheritance from Miss Josephine pays for the remainder. As usual, Anne’s...

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(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

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