Anne Hébert Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Anne Hébert Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

The reader of Anne Hébert’s poetry and prose will recognize a kinship of theme and language among the different works. Héloïse opens with a verse from “En guise de fête” (“A Kind of Feast,” from The Tomb of the Kings). Its ironic refrain is repeated as the order of the fictional world collapses: “Le monde est en ordre/ Les morts dessous/ Les vivants dessus” (“The world is in order/ The dead below/ The living above”). Olivia de la Haute Mer (Olivia of the High Sea), the ghost of the murdered Olivia Atkins, returns to float with the tides off Griffins Creek in In the Shadow of the Wind, quoting another poem from The Tomb of the Kings: “Il y a certainement Quelqu’un”...

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