Anne of Green Gables: Chapter 1 Quiz

What happened in the first chapter of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery?

  1. What did Rachel take pride in?

  2. How did Rachel react when Marilla told her why Matthew had gone out?

  3. What did Marilla Cuthbert look like?

  4. Why did Rachel find it unusual that Matthew Cuthbert was riding by in his buggy?

  5. Describe Rachel Lynde's husband.

  6. What season was it when Rachel saw Matthew Cuthbert riding by in his buggy?

  7. What did Rachel decide to do in order to find out where Matthew Cuthbert was going in his buggy?

  8. What did Rachel warn Marilla about?

  9. What did Rachel do while she kept "a sharp eye on the main road that crossed the hollow and wound up the steep red hill beyond?"

  10. How did Rachel feel about the child coming to live with Matthew and Marilla as she left Green Gables?

  11. When Marilla told Rachel that Matthew was going to town, what reason did she give?