What are Anne's morning feelings in Anne of Green Gables?

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In Anne of Green Gables, after waking up in the morning, Anne initially feels confused, as she can't remember where she is. However, she soon feels a delighted thrill that quickly turns into horror when she remembers that she's at Green Gables, where she is not wanted.

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In chapter 4 of Anne of Green Gables, “Morning at Green Gables,” Anne wakes up to a beautiful day full of cheery sunshine and white feathery clouds.

Far from feeling happy at the joys of nature, however, Anne is initially somewhat confused; for a brief moment, she can't remember where she is. Her confusion soon subsides as she first experiences a delightful thrill and then, less happily, a “horrible remembrance.” Anne now knows where she is: she's at Green Gables, a place where she's not wanted. The family that has adopted her was expecting a boy orphan, not a girl.

The night before, poor little orphan Anne had cried herself to sleep after hearing Marilla Cuthbert, the woman who's adopted her, say that she's not going to keep her. It's not a pleasant experience for anyone to feel that they're not wanted. But for a child, and an orphaned child at that, it's even worse.

Because of Marilla's rejection, Anne feels all alone in the world, friendless and unwanted. The skies may be blue and the sun may be shining as she wakes up in chapter 4, but the clement weather can't make up for the fact that Anne feels that no one wants her.

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