Chapter 9 Summary

Anne has been living at Green Gables for about two weeks when Mrs. Rachel Lynde finally comes to visit. This was an uncommonly long time for Mrs. Lynde to stay away from important news in the community—the arrival of Avonlea’s newest member—but she had been ill and under doctor’s orders to not leave home. As soon as she is released from this order, she rushes up to Green Gables to inspect the orphan girl, Anne Shirley.

When Mrs. Lynde arrives, Anne is out in the orchard. This gives Mrs. Lynde time to speak with Marilla alone. She tells Marilla that she was shocked when she heard that Marilla and Matthew were keeping the girl. Mrs. Lynde says they should have sent the girl back to the orphanage because it was all...

(The entire section is 582 words.)