Chapter 32 Summary

On the last day of school, Miss Stacy tells her students she will not be back the following year. As Diana and Anne leave school, they are crying. They both will miss Miss Stacy, and they also realize they will miss one another, too. Anne will be going on to college. Diana will continue her studies at Avonlea with a new teacher. Diana tells Anne that she cannot imagine sitting in the schoolroom without Anne.

Anne is also worried about the entrance exams she must take the following week. She is so fearful of not passing. She says she is not superstitious, but she feels as if she is having premonitions of failing. Diana reminds Anne that she did very well on the practice exams Miss Stacy administered. However, Anne knows there is a big difference between knowing how to answer the questions and being able to perform under pressure. She has a tendency to tighten up when she takes exams, which makes her forget what she has learned.

The following Wednesday, Anne is in Charlottetown for the entrance exam. Aunt Josephine has invited Anne is stay with her, though Anne has very little time to visit. Miss Stacy is in town, and she takes her students to their assigned classrooms for the first of the exams. Anne sits next to Jane as they take the English exam. Upon receiving the test, Anne freezes. She later writes to Diana that as she stared at the English exam, she had the same feeling she had four years ago when she asked Marilla if she and Matthew were going to keep her.

Later in the afternoon, Anne takes the history exam. Anne writes to Diana that this test was very difficult, and she suspects she mixed up a lot of the dates. After the exam, she and the other girls from Avonlea go out for ice cream to soothe their nerves. The next day is Anne’s most challenging: she is to take the geometry exam. However, by Friday, all the tests are completed, and Anne and the other students go home to wait for the results.

When Anne sees Diana in Avonlea, she feels very thankful to be home. She tells Diana that she thinks she did fairly well on the exams. She still has a lingering fear, though, that she might not have passed geometry.

After walking to the post office every day for three weeks and not finding the results, Anne succumbs to the summer weather and for one day tries to forget about exams and studies. On that day, as she is daydreaming in her bedroom, she sees Diana running toward her house. As Diana approaches she starts shouting that Anne has passed. Furthermore, she came in first place; Gilbert tied with her, though he is listed second on the list. Matthew and Marilla are extremely pleased with Anne. Even Mrs. Lynde can only compliment Anne on her success.