Chapter 30 Summary

Miss Stacy, Anne’s teacher, comes to call on Marilla. Miss Stacy has decided to bring together a group of her best students for an after-school class. They will focus their studies on passing the entrance exams at Queen’s College. Until this moment, Marilla has never said anything to Anne about continuing her education past grade school. When Anne learns that Miss Stacy has come by the house, Marilla explains that if Anne can maintain her good grades, she and Matthew are willing to pay for her college education.

Miss Stacy’s special class includes Gilbert Blythe, Ruby Gillis, Jane Andrews, Josie Pye, Charlie Sloane, and Anne. On the first afternoon, it nearly breaks Anne’s heart to see Diana leave the classroom without her. Diana’s parents are not planning a college education for Diana. They believe Diana will be better off getting married early. Although Anne finds this tragic, she is determined not to let Gilbert see her cry. Her feelings toward Gilbert have changed slightly since the incident with the capsized boat, when Gilbert rescued her. She had told him she still could not forgive him for calling her “carrot” several years ago. However, recently Gilbert has not been paying as much attention to Anne, choosing to spend his time with some of the other girls in the class. This has made Anne feel slighted. She wishes she had not been so calloused toward him, but she does not know how to tell Gilbert she has changed her mind. Instead, she plans to outdo him in her studies. She wants to end this special class at the top. She has noted that Gilbert appears determined to do the same. This prompts Anne to study harder than she has ever done before.

With the extra study load, the winter passes fairly quickly. When the spring comes, though, Anne becomes just a little more distracted—prone to stare out the school windows at the other students having fun in the freshly blossomed world outside. Summer finally arrives, and everyone is thankful for the break. Miss Stacy announces that she has decided to remain at the school at least one more year, especially so she can see the Queen’s Class students make it through their exams. This excites her students; they are pleased to have such a lively and interesting teacher for another term. Miss Stacy then tells them they are to forget all about books and studies for the duration of the summer. Instead they should spend as much time as they can outside and strengthen their health.

Weeks later, Mrs. Lynde comes to call on Marilla because Marilla had missed an Aid meeting. Marilla tells her friend that her health is fine—but she is worried about Matthew. Matthew’s heart is ailing, and his “bad spells” are coming more frequently. Marilla is so concerned that she is afraid to leave the house.