(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Returning to Avonlea, Anne immediately finds herself at odds with a neighbor, Mr. Harrison, because her cow repeatedly breaks into his fields. Harrison, one of Montgomery’s eccentric older men, is soon charmed by Anne, becoming a trusted friend and adviser. He is also helpful in Anne’s efforts to curb the boyhood pranks of Davy Keith.

Marilla agrees to keep her friend’s six-year-old twins until their uncle returns. Davy and Dora Keith repeat the pattern of Anne and Diana. Davy is impetuous, as Anne was, and quite a bit more mischievous, locking Dora in a toolshed, ruining pies Anne has made for an important luncheon, and breaking Miss Barry’s willowware platter; periodically he insists that he simply cannot behave, and he pesters Anne with dozens of outlandish questions. In contrast, Dora is pretty, neat, and so well-behaved that even Marilla finds her monotonous.

Davy’s nemesis is Paul Irving, Anne’s favorite student and an imaginative kindred spirit whose mother is dead. His father lives in Boston, so Paul is living with his grandmother. When Anne introduces him to Miss Lavendar Lewis of Echo Lodge, the two become friends immediately.

Miss Lavendar is the first of Montgomery’s middle-aged brides who eventually reconcile with the beau of their youth. She lives alone in a charming cottage in the woods; her only companions are the echoes when she rings a dinner bell and a succession of servant girls respond, all of...

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(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

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