Anna Karenina Part 8, Chapter 18 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 8, Chapter 18 Summary

Throughout the entire day, during a variety of conversations in which he uses only the surface part of his mind, and despite the disappointment of not finding the change he expects in himself, Levin is joyfully conscious of the fullness of his heart. It is too wet to go for a walk after the rain, so the entire group spends the rest of the day in the house. There are no more discussions, and after dinner everyone is in a particularly amiable mood.

At first, Katavasov amuses everyone with his original jokes; then Sergey Ivanovitch convinces the professor to tell them all about his findings after studying the common housefly. After tea, Levin asks his brother to explain his views on the future of the “Eastern...

(The entire section is 539 words.)