Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 7 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7, Chapter 7 Summary

Levin reaches the club at just the right time. It is a place he has not been to since he lived in Moscow, left the university, and was entering society. It is a place of great tradition, and everything feels the same to him now. Levin feels a rush of familiarity; this is a place of “repose, comfort, and propriety.” The porter, older now than when Levin had first come here, opens the door for him and greets him personally.

The dining room is noisy and full of people; every table is nearly full. As he walks, Levin sees people of every kind, some of whom he knows well and others he only knows a little. Not one face shows worry or unhappiness; they all seem to have left their cares and anxieties at the porter’s room with their hats, overcoats, and galoshes. Each of them is prepared to enjoy some of the material blessings of life.

Levin sees Sviazhsky, Nevyedovsky, and Sergey Ivanovitch in addition to his father-in-law, Prince Shtcherbatsky. The prince asks about Kitty and then urges Levin to take a seat before they are all taken. A little ahead of him, Levin hears a good-natured voice calling to him. It is Turovtsin sitting with a young officer, and he has reserved a seat for Levin. Turovtsin is a “good-natured rake,” and Levin is happy to spend a meal with him. After all the intellectual conversation he has been having, Levin is glad to sit with the man who is associated in his mind with memories of his courtship.

Stepan Arkadyevitch arrives next and joins them, taking Levin to the big table spread with appetizers and drink. Characteristically, Stepan Arkadyevitch finds nothing there to his liking and orders a special vintage to be brought and they drink before returning to their table. Levin is quite hungry, and he eats and drinks with great enjoyment, which is improved only by the lively and simple table conversation of his companions.

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