Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 20 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 7, Chapter 20 Summary

Stepan Arkadyevitch does not waste his time in St. Petersburg. After he does the few things he came here to do, he spends his time refreshing himself from what he calls the “mustiness of Moscow.” When his stresses get too heavy, he likes coming here to renew himself. One of his friends in St. Petersburg is Prince Tchetchensky. The prince has two families, one of them illegitimate; he even takes his oldest son from his first family when he spends time with the second family, saying it is good for the boy because it enlarges his ideas. This kind of thing would never be tolerated in Moscow.

In St. Petersburg, the children go to school and their lives do not supersede their parents’ lives as they do in Moscow. Here...

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