Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 2 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7, Chapter 2 Summary

Levin is leaving for the day. He will dine at the club with Kitty’s father and meet with Katavasov, who has promised to introduce him to Metrov, a distinguished man of science her from St. Petersburg. He might also go to the court to do some business. He is not particularly excited about going to the concert, but Kitty encourages him to go. Levin will be back for dinner, so he will decide then. Her final request is that he go visit Countess Bola to reciprocate a visit.

Dismayed at the thought, Levin asks if it is absolutely necessary that he make this social call. He always feels awkward and uncomfortable and sees such perfunctory visits as a boring waste of time. Kitty laughs at him and says it is such an easy thing to do, but Levin would rather starve for two days than pay such a call. As he is walking out the door, Kitty tells him she only has fifty roubles left.

Levin will go to the bank, but he is displeased. She has been careful with their money, but he is clearly worried about all the money they must spend while in Moscow. His dissatisfaction is at himself, at being reminded that he is dependent on crops and farming. Kitty wishes they had stayed in the country, but Levin says he has never regretted anything they have done.  When he looks into her sweet, truthful eyes, he realizes it is not just something to say to her. He means it.

Kitty has no sense about when her baby will be born, but she is not at all scared. Levin tells her where to find him in case anything happens. She tells him how dire Dolly’s financial situation is and that it has been decided that Levin and Dolly’s other brother-in-law should have a serious talk with Stepan Arkadyevitch. Levin agrees to do whatever is necessary.

On his way out, Levin’s servant stops him to say that Levin’s horse has been poorly shod and is now lame. Levin had brought his own horses from the country to save money, but...

(The entire section is 545 words.)