Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 9 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 6, Chapter 9 Summary

The hunters will arrive at the hunting grounds towards evening and do a little shooting; tomorrow they will continue on to better hunting grounds. They may be able to stop and do some shooting along the way, but it is hot and there may be nothing to shoot. It is a bit of a lie, for Levin can shoot anytime in these smaller spots, and he is hoping to pass them by without notice. Unfortunately, Stepan Arkadyevitch has a trained eye, and he spies some reeds. Before they can even stop, the dogs have already flown one bird. Levin hopes they find nothing but little birds so they can move on, and that is what happens. Nevertheless, the two visitors enjoy it immensely.

The horses take off with a start, and Levin bumps his head...

(The entire section is 544 words.)