Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 25 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 6, Chapter 25 Summary

Vronsky and Anna Karenina spend the summer and part of the winter in the country. Nothing has changed. There has been no divorce, and they both know they should not go away; however, they both feel like the longer they live alone without guests in the house, the less they can bear their lives. Something must change.

It appears that their lives are perfect. They have the best of everything in abundance, they have a child, and they stay busy. Anna Karenina pays attention to her appearance whether she has guests or not, and she does a great deal of reading. She reads novels which have been praised in foreign papers, but she also reads books and journals about any subject which interests Vronsky. She becomes so knowledgeable that Vronsky often goes to her first when he has a question about anything from architecture to horse-breeding. Anna Karenina is also interested in the hospital, doing some planning and making suggestions as the project progresses. Her chief interest, however, is still herself.

Anna Karenina worries about how much Vronsky loves her and how much she can do to make up to him everything he has lost by loving her. While Vronsky appreciates that her sole aim and desire is to both please and serve him, he also grows weary of the “loving snares” in which she tries to bind him. As time goes on, he feels trapped by them and feels the increasing need to test them to see how much freedom he still has. If he did not have to endure a “scene” every time he wanted to go to a town meeting or a horse race, Vronsky would be perfectly content with his life.

Being a wealthy noble landowners suits Vronsky well, and he gets even greater satisfaction because he is experiencing great financial success while doing what he loves. Despite spending outrageous amounts of money on improvements and innovations, he is increasing his fortune. Nearly everything Vronsky purchases is the very newest of its kind in the world and “likely to cause wonder.”

In October the provincial elections are held for Vronsky’s province, including the estates of Sviazhsky Koznishev,...

(The entire section is 552 words.)