Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 23 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 6, Chapter 23 Summary

Anna Karenina comes to Dolly’s room. Several times throughout the day, Anna Karenina started to speak about important things but had stopped, saying they will talk later; however, now that the time is here she does not know what to talk about. Finally she begins by asking if Kitty is angry with her.

Dolly assures Anna Karenina that Kitty feels no anger toward her, though she may not have forgiven her. The conversation wanders a bit, and it is clear that Anna Karenina does not want to talk about anything too serious. Dolly finally begins, and Anna Karenina interrupts to ask what Dolly thinks of her and this life. Before Dolly can make a complete answer, Anna Karenina reminds her that she is seeing them at their best....

(The entire section is 557 words.)