Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 2 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 6, Chapter 2 Summary

The old princess and her two daughters are on the terrace while the others are out hunting for mushrooms. They enjoy sitting there after dinner where they knit and sew baby clothes, a task which is keeping them all busy these days. This afternoon, Agafea Mihalovna is also making jam on the terrace. She has to do this job in the ladies’ presence because she refused to make jam using the method which Kitty always used in her home. Now, to prove that the method works, in their presence the housekeeper is angrily stirring the raspberries over the charcoal stove and hoping they would not cook properly.

While the jam is being made and the women are watching stealthily, they talk about what gifts they give their servants....

(The entire section is 524 words.)