Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 17 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 6, Chapter 17 Summary

The carriage nears Vronsky’s family estate and is met by working peasants who give them the final directions. Dolly learns that many visitors arrived at the manor house yesterday and more are to come. Though the peasants ask her business, she does not tell them. Vronsky and Anna Karenina are home, and the carriage continues to their house.

The coachman is about to make the required turn when he is stopped by a peasant directing his attention to some approaching riders moving at a walking pace. They are Vronsky with a jockey, Anna Karenina and Veslovsky on horseback, and Princess Varvara and Sviazhsky in a small carriage; they have been to see a new reaping machine. Dolly is impressed by her sister-in-law. Anna...

(The entire section is 530 words.)