Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 15 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 6, Chapter 15 Summary

Levin seeks out his sister-in-law for advice and finds her quite upset at the mischief one of her daughters has been in; when she is finally calm, Levin says he and Kitty have quarreled twice since the two men have arrived. Dolly looks at him shrewdly, comprehending what he means, and asks if Veslovsky has done something which a husband might find offensive. If so, the world says it is simply the way of young men and he, as Kitty’s husband, should be flattered that his wife is the object of such attention.

Both Dolly and Stepan Arkadyevitch have noticed the behavior, and Levin says he must send the man away. Dolly suggests that it would be better if her husband simply takes him away, since Veslovsky does not “fit into the house.” Levin insists on telling the man himself, and before he leaves he asks Dolly to forgive her daughter.

Levin finds Veslovsky in his room; he has just unpacked his clothes and is obviously preparing to go out riding. Something in Levin’s face, or perhaps his own guilty conscience, causes the visitor to understand that his little flirtation is out of place in this family. Despite that, he is still disconcerted by Levin’s appearance.

They share a few pleasantries, and when Levin sees the shy look on Veslovsky’s face he feels sorry for him and ashamed for himself. He wavers in his intentions until he remembers Kitty and everything which has happened; then he announces that the horses are ready to take Veslovsky to the train station. When his guest questions him, Levin says he is expecting visitors and Veslovsky may explain his rudeness any way he likes. As he has been talking, Levin has been breaking a small tree limb in pieces, and when Veslovsky asks for an explanation, Levin has to work hard to control his trembling jaw.

Veslovsky hears the words and sees the evidence of emotional distress and knows he must go. He bows, shrugs his shoulders, and smiles contemptuously before asking if he will be allowed to see Stepan Arkadyevitch before...

(The entire section is 538 words.)