Anna Karenina Part 4, Chapter 17 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 4, Chapter 17 Summary

Alexey Alexandrovitch returns to his room alone, reflecting on Darya Alexandrovna’s words about forgiveness, words that annoy him since he has already decided this Christian precept is not applicable to his situation. What he most remembers from this evening is Turovtsin’s comment that men must defend their honor by dueling. Everyone in the room tacitly agreed with that sentiment, though they did not speak the words. Alexey Alexandrovitch’s matter has been settled another way, so he tells himself it is useless to think about such things.

He receives two telegrams. The first is an announcement of Stremov’s appointment to a position Alexey Alexandrovitch coveted. He is annoyed that he was passed over for the...

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