Anna Karenina Part 4, Chapter 14 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 4, Chapter 14 Summary

After Kitty leaves, Levin feels uneasy. He will see her again in just fourteen short hours, when he will pledge his life to her forever, but his emotions are so strong that he is afraid he might die before then. To pass the time, Levin needs company and Stepan Arkadyevitch is the one he would choose as the most congenial; however, his host has said he is leaving for a soiree, though he is actually going to meet his lover at the ballet.

Levin has time only to tell Stepan Arkadyevitch that he loves him and will never forget what he did to bring Kitty back to him. His host teases him about not wanting to die anymore, and Darya Alexandrovna says she is glad he has reconnected with Kitty. This annoys Levin, for she clearly does not understand the loftiness of this evening’s events and should not have said anything at all to him about it.

In the end, Levin accompanies his brother, Sergey Ivanovitch, who is glad that Levin is happy again. They go to a meeting in which there is typical good-natured disagreement about the laying of pipes and missing money, and Levin now sees how such business is conducted and is surprised he used to think that such meetings were tedious and contentious. Levin and his brother continue their evening over tea at Sviazhsky’s house, and Levin spends hours talking about nothing and having a grand time—not realizing that he is boring everyone terribly and keeping them all up long past their bedtimes.

It is after one o’clock when Levin finally arrives at his hotel, and he is dismayed at being alone for the remaining ten hours before he can see the woman he loves. The servant whose job it is to light the candles for guests and keep the night watch is named Yegor, and he strikes Levin as being a particularly intelligent and good-hearted man.

As they talk, Levin learns that Yegor has a wife and four children, including a daughter he hopes will marry the cashier in a saddler’s shop. When...

(The entire section is 533 words.)