Anna Karenina Part 3, Chapter 23 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 3, Chapter 23 Summary

On Monday, Alexey Alexandrovitch speaks at the meeting of the Commission of the 2nd of June. After his preparations of the night before, he feels no need to review his outline or rehearse his arguments; he knows that once he stands in front of his opponents the words will flow like molten lava. When others look at him, they see no evidence of this hidden fire and are therefore unprepared for it when it comes.

Alexey Alexandrovitch gets what he wants: three more commissions are formed. His triumph in the stormy meeting is even greater than he had anticipated. The next day, in at least his social circle, nothing else is discussed except for this rather spectacular meeting.

On Tuesday, Alexey Alexandrovitch wakes with a deep sense of satisfaction at the thought of his victory; however, when the chief secretary of his department attempts to flatter him with effusive praise for his success at the meeting, Alexey Alexandrovitch strives to remain indifferent. His day is busy and he forgets that it is Tuesday, the day he required his wife to report to him; he is somewhat annoyed when a servant brings him the news that Anna Karenina has arrived.

Alexey Alexandrovitch does not greet his wife, sending word that though he has not yet left the house he is busy with the chief secretary. She sends word that she is waiting for him in her own room, but he does not come. She unpacks and gets settled in the next hours, but still her husband does not come though he has still not left the house.

Knowing Alexey Alexandrovitch usually leaves rather abruptly for his office and wanting to get matters defined between them, Anna Karenina walks resolutely into his study. He is in his uniform and obviously preparing to leave, though he is sitting dejectedly for a moment before leaving. Anna Karenina sees him before he sees her, and she can tell that he is thinking of her. When he sees her he starts to stand but does not; then he blushes, something she has never seen him do, and approaches her, looking...

(The entire section is 532 words.)