Anna Karenina Part 3, Chapter 13 Summary

Leo Tolstoy

Part 3, Chapter 13 Summary

Alexey Alexandrovitch is a cold and reasonable man; however, the sight of a woman or a child in tears throws him into a state of nervous agitation. On their way home from the races, his wife told him about her love for Vronsky and immediately dissolved into tears. His rigid expression and reaction reflected his desire to avoid the tears, and he simply let Anna Karenina out of the carriage, telling her he would let her know his decision tomorrow.

Alexey Alexandrovitch’s worst suspicions had been confirmed, and the pang of heartache was tempered by pity for his wife’s tears. After he leaves her, though, he is relieved. It is as if he has long been suffering from a toothache but all at once—admittedly with some...

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