Anna Karenina Part 3, Chapter 10 Summary
by Leo Tolstoy

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Part 3, Chapter 10 Summary

Darya Alexandrovna tells Levin that Kitty is especially looking forward to the quiet and solitude of the country, though she is now well again. Looking directly at Levin, she asks him why he is angry at her sister and why he did not visit either her or Kitty when he was last in Moscow. Levin is adamant that he is not angry with Kitty and wonders, blushing, why she says such things and does not take more pity on him. It soon becomes clear to him that Darya Alexandrovna does not know that he made Kitty an offer of marriage and was refused. Saying it out loud causes all his anger at being slighted to surface and any concern for Kitty's health to dissipate.

Darya Alexandrovna now understands her sister’s heartache and despair. Levin rises to leave, but she stops him and asks him to stay. He does, but he begs her not to speak more of Kitty; in his heart, however, he feels a stirring of hope that he thought was buried. With tears in her eyes, Darya Alexandrovna tells Levin she understands what he cannot, for men are free to choose and love freely while women must wait in a perpetual state of suspense. Women look at men from a distance and trust too much, and sometimes they have feelings they cannot speak.

Women do have feelings, she explains, but when a man makes an offer, a woman can only answer “yes” or “no.” Levin is reminded that Kitty told him “no” in favor of Vronsky, and his bitterness rises as his heart aches. Darya Alexandrovna disagrees and scolds him for his excessive pride. When Levin made Kitty an offer, she was in a position of doubt. While she was seeing Vronsky every day, she had not seen Levin in a long while. Darya Alexandrovna thinks that if Kitty had been a bit older, she would have chosen differently. If it had been she , for instance, she would never have chosen Vronsky. She has never liked him, and now he has...

(The entire section is 512 words.)