(Ann) Philippa Pearce

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The Junior Bookshelf

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[The short stories in The Shadow Cage and Other Tales of the Supernatural] are not 'ghost' stories in the usual sense of the word, but something much more spine-chilling and evocative of atmosphere. The author has used ordinary things and places as a springboard for her imagination … and created with them a feeling of the supernatural and a sense of foreboding that makes the reader almost afraid to turn the page. Each story is unexpected in its ending…. The reader is never insulted and deflated by explanations which reduce the happening to the commonplace. Here too is the perceptive observation of character and the felicitous and effective use of words, which the reader has come to expect and appreciate from this author….

A collection which will join the connoisseur's shelf of stories of the supernatural world of which we know so little.

"The New Books: 'The Shadow-Cage and Other Tales of the Supernatural'," in The Junior Bookshelf, Vol. 41, No. 3, June, 1977, p. 182.

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