Anita Desai Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In addition to her novels, Anita Desai (duh-SI) has published many short stories. Her first story was published in 1957, when she was twenty years old. Since then, she has contributed stories to various magazines and periodicals, including the London publication Envoy; Indian periodicals Quest, The Illustrated Weekly of India, and Miscellany; and the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Some of her stories have been collected in Games at Twilight, and Other Stories (1978) and Diamond Dust: Stories (2000). Desai has also written three books for children, The Peacock Garden (1974), Cat on a Houseboat (1976), and The Village by the Sea: An Indian Family Story (1982). Two of her works have been adapted to film: The Village by the Sea in 1992 and In Custody in 1993.