Anita Desai World Literature Analysis - Essay

Anita Desai World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Of all the Indian writers of English fiction, Desai is perhaps the most consummate artist. In her own account, though writing comes to her as naturally as breathing, she works consciously, laboriously, and meticulously to impose a design on the chaotic raw material of life. She regards writing as a process of discovering the truth. This truth is for the most part hidden beneath the surfaces of what people see, say, and do. Consequently, she does not give much importance to plot. Her major preoccupation as a novelist is to plunge to the depths of her characters’ subconscious and reveal the interior landscapes of their minds through the use of evocative poetry, myth, symbol, image, and metaphor.

Desai’s writing shows...

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