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1. Research the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its origins. What similarities do you see between it and the events in Animal Farm? Are the major characters in each of the revolutions alike? Why or why not?

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2. Why does Napoleon take great efforts to downplay Snowball's contributions to the rebellion and to denounce his memory? List the episodes in which Squealer and Napoleon retell events in order to discredit Snowball. Why do the other animals believe them?

3. Read Nineteen Eighty-Four and discuss any similarities it has to Animal Farm.

The animals react differently to the revolution —some are trusting, some resist. Discuss the way Orwell characterizes the different breeds of animals. Are they symbolic of the different classes of humans?

5. How do the pigs take advantage of the other animals' lack of intelligence. Explain some of the situations where the pigs use this to their advantage. How is language important to the pigs and the novel in general? Would the revolution have been more successful if all the animals were indeed equal?

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