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Chapter VIII Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions

  1. What happens to the commandment about killing other animals?
  2. Why don’t the animals dispute Squealer’s claims that their quality of life and productivity have improved?
  3. Why do the animals prefer Mr. Pilkington to Mr. Frederick?
  4. Why are the animals shocked when Napoleon sells the timber to Mr. Frederick?
  5. How does Mr. Frederick betray Napoleon?
  6. What happens the morning after Napoleon discovers Mr. Frederick’s trick?
  7. Why don’t the animals initially feel victorious after the battle?
  8. What is really wrong with Napoleon when the pigs report that he is dying?
  9. What do the animals find when they are woken up by a loud crash?
  10. What does the commandment against drinking alcohol now say?

Quiz Answers

  1. The words “without cause” are added to the end of the commandment against killing other animals to justify the executions.
  2. The animals have begun to forget what life was like under...

(The entire section is 304 words.)