Chapter VII Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What “rumors” are spread about the windmill?
  2. How is the new windmill constructed differently?
  3. What happens when Mr. Whymper comes to visit?
  4. Why do the hens rebel?
  5. Why do the hens relent?
  6. What does Squealer announce about the Battle of Cowshed?
  7. What happens at the meeting in the yard?
  8. What happens when the dogs try to grab Boxer?
  9. What do the animals do after the meeting in the yard?
  10. Why does Squealer say “Beasts of England” has been outlawed?

Quiz Answers

  1. It is rumored that the windmill’s walls were too thin, which is why it was knocked over during the windstorm.
  2. The new windmill has walls that are three feet thick.
  3. Whenever Mr. Whymper comes to visit, the animals are instructed to loudly lie about ration increases, and the empty barrels of food are made to appear full.
  4. The hens rebel because Napoleon announces that he will be selling their eggs.
  5. The hens relent after Napoleon stops their rations and nine hens die.
  6. Squealer announces that Snowball was actually in league with Mr. Jones during the Battle of Cowshed.
  7. During the meeting, several animals come forward and confess to traitorous acts, for which they are then executed.
  8. When the dogs attack Boxer, he easily defends himself and pins one of them down until Napoleon tells him to release him.
  9. After the meeting in the yard, the animals huddle together and sadly sing “Beasts of England.”
  10. Squealer claims that “Beasts of England” is a revolutionary song that is no longer needed since the revolution is complete.

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