Chapter VI Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why is it hard to build the windmill?
  2. What does Napoleon propose to do to deal with the shortages on the farm?
  3. Who is Mr. Whymper?
  4. What happens to the commandment against trade?
  5. What does Squealer threaten might happen if the pigs are not allowed to get rest?
  6. Where do the pigs move to?
  7. What happens to the commandment against sleeping in a bed?
  8. What happens to the windmill when it is half finished?
  9. What is responsible for the destruction of the windmill, according to Napoleon?
  10. What evidence do the pigs provide to show that the windmill was deliberately sabotaged?

Quiz Answers

  1. The stones for the windmill are far away and must first be dropped off a cliff and broken into manageable pieces.
  2. Napoleon announces that he will sell some of the farm’s seasoned timber and possibly some eggs.
  3. Mr. Whymper is hired as Napoleon’s human contact for his business with other farms.
  4. Squealer makes the animals believe that there was never a written prohibition against trade.
  5. Squealer suggests that Mr. Jones might return if the pigs are not kept well rested.
  6. The pigs move in to the farmhouse.
  7. The commandment against sleeping in a bed is modified to prohibit “sleeping in a bed with sheets,” though the pigs pretend it always said that.
  8. The windmill falls over in a windstorm.
  9. Napoleon blames the windmill’s failure on Snowball and accuses him of secretly returning to destroy it.
  10. The pigs “discover” the tracks of a pig near the ruined windmill and declare that this is proof of Snowball’s involvement.

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