Chapter V Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

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  1. What does Clover see Mollie doing?
  2. What happens to Mollie?
  3. What has changed about Sunday meetings?
  4. How are Napoleon and Snowball different?
  5. What is Snowball’s big idea?
  6. Why does Napoleon oppose the windmill?
  7. What happens when Napoleon gives a whimper?
  8. How does Squealer justify Napoleon’s behavior?
  9. What new maxim does Boxer adopt?
  10. What does Napoleon decide about the windmill?

Quiz Answers

  1. Clover sees Mollie allowing a farmhand to pet her nose over the hedge.
  2. Mollie eventually runs away and is taken in by a pub owner who spoils her with ribbons and sugar.
  3. The animals now accept that only pigs can suggest resolutions at the meetings, though all the animals get to vote on them.
  4. Snowball is a very effective orator, while Napoleon is better at gaining support behind the scenes.
  5. Snowball wants to build a windmill to supply electricity to the farm.
  6. Napoleon claims that if the animals focus on building the windmill, they will all starve to death.
  7. When Napoleon gives his signal, nine ferocious dogs appear and chase Snowball away from the farm.
  8. Squealer claims that Napoleon is being selfless by taking on the burden of leadership.
  9. Boxer begins to say “Napoleon is always right” in addition to “I will work harder!”
  10. After taking power, Napoleon changes his mind and supports the windmill, claiming that it was originally his idea.

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