Chapter IX Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

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  1. What is wrong with Boxer’s hoof?
  2. Who fathered the new piglets?
  3. What new rules about the pigs are introduced?
  4. What is ironic about the “Spontaneous Demonstrations”?
  5. What official change is made to the government of Animal Farm?
  6. What happens with Moses, the raven?
  7. Why is Benjamin upset when he sees the van taking Boxer away?
  8. Why can’t Boxer escape from the van?
  9. How does Squealer explain the lettering on the van?
  10. How did the pigs afford the case of whiskey?

Quiz Answers

  1. Boxer’s hoof is split, though he continues to work anyway.
  2. Napoleon is the father of the new piglets.
  3. The pigs are allowed to wear ribbons on their tails on Sundays, and all animals that meet a pig on a path must step aside.
  4. The “Spontaneous Demonstrations” are planned out and therefore not spontaneous.
  5. Animal Farm is officially declared a republic with Napoleon as president.
  6. Moses is allowed to return to the farm and continues to tell the animals about Sugarcandy Mountain.
  7. Benjamin is one of the few animals who can still read, which allows him to see that Boxer is being taken away in a knacker’s van.
  8. Boxer is too weak to kick down the door of the van, though he tries his best.
  9. Squealer tells the animals that the veterinarian had recently purchased the van from the knacker and had not yet repainted it.
  10. It is implied that the pigs bought the whiskey with the money they gained from selling Boxer to the knacker.

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