Chapter IV Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

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  1. How do Snowball and Napoleon send word of the rebellion to other animals?
  2. Who is Mr. Pilkington?
  3. Who is Mr. Frederick?
  4. What rumors spread about Animal Farm?
  5. What has Snowball been doing to prepare for Jones’s return?
  6. How is Snowball injured?
  7. Why is Boxer upset after the battle?
  8. Where was Mollie during the battle?
  9. What do the animals name the battle?
  10. What awards do the animals create?

Quiz Answers

  1. Snowball and Napoleon send out pigeons to other farms to try to encourage further rebellion.
  2. Mr. Pilkington is an easygoing farmer who owns neighboring Foxwood Farm.
  3. Mr. Frederick is the owner of Pinchfield Farm and is known for being tough and shrewd.
  4. Rumors spread among the humans that the animals on Animal Farm are starving and practicing cannibalism and torture.
  5. Snowball has been studying the battle tactics of Julius Caesar to prepare to fight off Jones.
  6. Snowball is injured when a shot grazes his back as he charges Mr. Jones.
  7. Boxer kicks a young farmhand in the head and stuns him. Thinking that he killed the boy, Boxer feels extremely guilty.
  8. Mollie fled when she heard the guns go off and was found hiding in the barn.
  9. The battle is named the “Battle of Cowshed.”
  10. The animals create “Animal Hero, First Class” and “Animal Hero, Second Class.”

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