Chapter I Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

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  1. Where do the animals live?
  2. Who owns the farm?
  3. Who is Old Major?
  4. What is Old Major’s dream?
  5. How is life bad for the animals on the farm?
  6. What does Old Major suggest that the animals do?
  7. What is “Beasts of England”?
  8. What sets the pigs apart from the other animals?
  9. What decision is reached about wild animals?
  10. What does Old Major caution the animals against doing if they successfully overthrow man?

Quiz Answers

  1. The animals live on Manor Farm in England.
  2. The owner of Manor Farm is Mr. Jones.
  3. Old Major is Mr. Jones’s old white prize boar. He is highly respected by the other animals.
  4. Old Major has a dream about a world where man has disappeared.
  5. Mr. Jones works the animals hard and steals the products of their labor until they eventually die at his hand.
  6. Old Major suggests that one day animals must rebel against their human masters.
  7. “Beasts of England” is a song that Old Major learned in childhood. The other animals pick it up quickly.
  8. The pigs are the most intelligent of the farm animals and sit in the front of the audience.
  9. The animals vote that wild animals should be considered “comrades.”
  10. Old Major warns the animals not to adopt the habits of man and lists seven specific things they must not do.

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