What was Boxer's goal in Animal Farm?

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Boxer truly believes in the revolutionary cause.  Boxer became entranced by Old Major's vision and sincerely believes in it.  He believes in Animalism.  Where his fault lies is that he is willing to believe in any force that espouses Animalism.  When Napoleon assumes power and acts in a manner that is only Animalism in name, Boxer cannot recognize the difference.  He truly believes that Napoleon and the rest of the pigs represents the Animalist cause.  In this, he is consistently geared towards working towards this order.  It is for this reason that he says that he must "work harder" and that Napoleon "is always right."  Boxer believes in the authenticity of authority, believing that it always serves the interests of the people.  It is to this end that he works.  Boxer works towards the end of supporting the Animalist ideals and any Animals that represents authority to this end is where his loyalty lies.  It is for this reason that Boxer is so easily manipulated and misled by the Pigs, eventually leading to his own death.  In the end, it becomes truly sad that Boxer's work ethic towards the fulfillment of a goal that he loves is what ends up killing him.

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