What are the themes, symbols, styles, plot summary, and characters in Animal Farm?

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If you read the analysis of this novel here on eNotes, perhaps this will help you choose a focus for your essay , since there are several themes in the novel, but one main one. As you will find, this novel was written as a criticism of Stalinist Russia. The...

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animals on the farm represent the people in a society where "some animals are more equal than others." Under the Soviet plan, all "animals" aresupposed to be equal and everyone is supposed to want to share what they have with others. In reality, this does not work, and it does not work on the farm either. At first, the animals all cooperate in their shared "rebellion" against the men, but as time progresses, and nature being what it is, the animals begin to become corrupt, just like men. They twist the commandments, they manipulate things, and the classless society becomes one of class again, held together by force. Exactly as happened in Stalinist Russia. Marx and Lenin (the fathers of communism) believed that force might be necessary at first to enforce the classless society, but once men realized how wonderful it was, they would want to live that way and choose to live that way. It did not work out that way.

Therefore, the theme, symbols, style, plot and characters are all structured in such a way to reveal this political theme. I think if you focus on this theme (or choose one of the ohter themes), then you will be able to illustrate in your essay how each one of the elements you list in your question reflects that theme. For example, can we always believe what the government tells us, or is it merely propaganda designed to keep us in line, as in the Soviet Union? What is truth? Is truth only what Snowball and Squealer say it is?

Read about the themes here on eNotes and then choose a focus for your essay, otherwise you will get bogged down trying to do too much, as this is a very weighty novel.

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