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This is not a very clear question.  I am not sure what you mean by "relate to."

The humans who won the neighboring farms are very unhappy about the revolution that has happened on Animal Farm.  So they try to undermine the animals and (eventually, attack them).

When this does not work, the humans start to try to exploit and cheat the animals.  This is seen most of all when Frederick cheats the animals on the woodpile deal.

Finally, the humans start to get along with the animals when the animals become just like the people.

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The neighbors seemed to be concerned about what was happening on Animal Farm. They were concerned that the concept could spread to their own farms and their animals could overthrow them.

At first, I think they made fun of Jones, maybe even felt a little compassion for him, but the threat of their authority being overthrown became very real, especially after they tried to help Jones take back his farm.

As the story moved on, the other farmers worked to try to outsmart the animals' leader Napoleon and then finally they begin to try to work with him.

These other farmers may have represented other world leaders during the time of the Russian Revolution's aftermath.

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